A Noble Mission to Save the Christian Population in the Holy Land

Christian Handicrafts from the Holy Land

A Better Life for Those in Need

Blest Art, Inc. is an organization that prides itself on transparency and honesty. The Olive wood and mother-of-pearl handicraft products Blest Art, Inc. sells are carefully handcrafted and shipped directly overseas from the Holy Land. These items hold special value, as they are not only unique, but purchasing them helps support the presence of Christianity in the Holy Land. Blest Art, Inc. is not a team of merchants, rather family ambassadors for the 600 plus families back home working to stimulate the economy in a land once thriving that is now troubled. This art is an invaluable way to sustain the Christian community in the Holy Land.

Blest Art’s mission since their development 15 years ago has been to provide for Christian families in the Holy Land and support the clinics, schools and churches. The members of this community take Olive wood limbs from ancient “immortal” trees and transform them into inspirational religious artworks, thus stimulating the economy in a declining population and reducing the emigration rate. The handiwork has been passed down for many generations. Blest Art, Inc. strives to keep this tradition alive.

Olive wood trees have been a sign of peace since the dove returned to Noah's Ark with an Olive branch.